First blog post

Hi everyone, so this is my first entry for my new blog.

I started blogging since 2009 but not at this site, i use other blogging site which is at the same time a social site.

But wordpress was the first I used to create my blog back then, but i was not used to it so I transfer to other blogging sites.

And now, I guess it’s a good comeback for me here in wordpress since our instructor in ENG 2 required us to use wordpress for blogging.

Honestly, I am not used to blogging here. I’ve been finding themes for hours, and since i’m so picky on choosing themes, like i just want a simple one, and it’s really hard to find here in wordpress. It’s not also customizable. I need to purchase first the theme before I could customize it. And the codes used here are CSS not htmls.

But anyways i didn’t create this post to rant my feelings about wordpress. HAHAHA

So yeah, welcome to my blog! Just check the ABOUT tab at the navigation bar to know about this blog and the blogger.



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