DAY 1 : Write 10 Facts About Yourself.

1. I was born on 28th of December.

  Yes this is so factual LOL. SRSLY, I am a 96 liner, but i wish i wasn’t.
Like.. 4 days to go and I’d be a 97 liner. Awww. T__T Maybe i couldn’t wait enough that’s why I was born on that day. And as what I had knew about this day, it was INNOCENTS’ DAY. LOL. But gah, I am still so thankful  for being born on that day, on the month of December.

2. I love chocolates, pizza, nuts, ice cream, and pasta dishes.
 I do love these food. ❤

3. I know how to play the flute.
 HAHAHA, I learned playing it since I was on my 6th Grade.
We were asked to play any instrument for our MAPEH subject, and our teacher picked flute as the instrument that we’re going to use. I had a bamboo flute, but it got lost. T_T
It was so fun playing it. I bought again during my second year in highschool and started to play KPOP songs LOL, but ngahh, it got broke. I dream of having a metallic one, awww when would that be? T___T

4. I love listening to different languages.

I mean like, listening to songs of foreign countries, like  korean, chinese, thai, taiwanese, ^^ ; also watching movies with those languages too. HAHAHA, I really like the feeling listening to something like that , which people think is weird or what.

5. I have the habit of not finishing books.

I mean i couldn’t entirely finish a book. I was able to finish books before but just a few. LOL. I wanted to read so many books, and that made me to stop reading what I am suppose to finish then find another book to read on. LIKE srsly, I couldn’t finish a book! T_T . And whenever I like to finish it, i’d become so busy with other stuff, which will then make me to forget what I have read, then I should start all over again. T__T

6. My taste buds wanted sours.

Yes, my taste buds do, not me. HAHAHA. Sours like, uhm unripe mango, pineapple, guavas, uhm.. anything that is sour LOL. It could go with junkie foods to HAHAHA. I’d always pick those crackers wrapped in green package, HAHAHA beause they are all sour-flavored.
(If you know what i mean XD)

7. I easily got bored on something.
 Like after I had achieved a thing, or proved myself that i can do better with it, I then got bored. (LOL i can’t explain -.-)

8. I don’t feel comfortable whenever my hanky isn’t with me.
  Hey, it’s my best bud LOL. There are just times that , I  get annoyed whenever I don’t have hanky to hold on it.

9. I fear rats.
 I do fear those creepy creatures, SRSLY. Let me touch a frog, lizard, or even cockroach, not just this creature, RAT. Ooooohhh its name is even creepy. Geeezz,
I had nightmares with rats before, like they were chasing me and there i was escaping to death.

 Yes, I wasn’t born on 28th of December. I hate chocolates, pizzas, . I never knew how to play the flute. I hate listening to alien’s language. I can finish a book in just one day. I’m always comfortable without my hanky, it bothers me. I love rats. yes love them. The fact is i made them my pets not pests.

HAHAHAHAHA, Oh sorry, I was just kidding. XD
So here is the 10th fact about me,
I always stay quiet all the time, well unless you’re worth talking too (just kidding) SRSLY, I’d be so talkative to the extent that you’d get annoyed, but it depends on the topic, and my mood. (HAHAHAHA)
AISH. Enough for this.



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