KPOP IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT REALLY IS (Day 2 : Write Something You Want to Rant About. )


Well i guess , if you are asked if what KPOP is,
you would think about Gangnam Style? Gentlemen? Gwiyomi? , wouldn’t you?

If you would know from people that they are hardcore fans, you would think that they are aliens or stinky fish for they don’t support their own country’s music.
Wouldn’t you? Or you would think that they are crazy or addicts for you think that they act like one.

Well Probably, you define KPOP as just a type of Music.
But as a hardcore fan and a being who lives with it for years now, I can say that it is not JUST a type of music.
(Well you could say that I am overacting or just gone crazy for saying these things. I can’t help it anymore. I need to rant about it.)
KPOP is not just a type of Music. It is not just an addiction. It is not just a fandom.

KPOP is not about the good looks, well maybe for some KPOP wannabes, it is. Well maybe there are fans who only look to the artists’ looks, and i hate it. It’s like they are saying, “OMG He’s so handsome”.
And I was like “WTH I don’t want to share this fandom with them”
They don’t know how to appreciate the artists’ talent yet they only judge them by their looks, and that’s really disappointing.
KPOP is not just what you can hear from the radio, tv or videokes that would make you dance like a horse or would make to pretend that you’re cute, if you know what i mean. 😉

This fandom is somewhat a place where you could find an entrance yet there are no exits.

I just hate the fact on how people judge us for being a KPOP Fan.
I hate being called an addict for it is like that we need to be rehabilitated for which is not really is. Well, probably it could be a drug for some, an addiction maybe. But calling me a KPOP ADDICT is just like a term for jeje’s . (If you know what i mean. 😉 )

I hate how people would see me as if I have committed crime for I don’t love our own music. Well, I do support OPM. I listen to some of their songs but not as I listen to KPOP.
And that moment when people knew that I am a KPOP fan, i know what comes to their minds. They would be thinking, : “Oh she’s a kpop fan. A girl who is chasing for Korean guys because of their looks.”
You gotta be wrong, I am not into their looks, I’m into their music and talents. Well maybe there are fans who are just like that who prefer looks than their talents. Shame on them.

And they would keep on telling me sarcastically: “ Why are you listening to that alien song? Can you even understand the lyrics?”
My mouth would say : “Ahh. No.”
But what my mind actually says : “Oh please, Music is a universal language. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the language of your own. Well, yes i understand the lyrics. Don’t you know that translators exist? FYI, there are translators in the fandom and with that I could humbly say that I understand what the song is all about. But music isn’t just about the lyrics, it’s about the rhythm, the melody . Ahh never mind, you won’t understand it anyway.”

And some would say, “ HAHAHA, why do you keep on admiring those beings? They can’t even speak English” . And I’d be like : “ So what if they couldn’t speak English? Knowing English doesn’t help our a country to be progressive anyway. FYI, not all of them can’t speak. They are artists who are fluent in speaking English. Don’t you know, Kevin? Eli? Xander? Peniel? Hanbyul? Ailee? Amber?  Nickhun? Jay Park?  Tiffany? Jessica? BoA? and BIGBANG artists? PROBABLY NOT! 😉

Hypocrisy exists within them. They don’t know that they’re acting like hypocrites for they also support foreign stuffs. They are hypocrites for they say that they don’t KPOP yet when a Gangnam Style or a Gwiyomi is being played, they would dance or sing with it.

I hate how people act that we don’t patronize our own.
How dare them for saying that. They even like some foreign stuffs– American pop, animes, Hollywood, and even NBA.
We’ll if you’d be judging us for not patronizing our country’s own, please see yourself on the mirror and wipe the dirts on your face.

KPOP is not how you think by watching the Gangnam style,
Dancing to the GENTLEMEN or even enjoying the song GWIYOMI.
KPOP is not just about “eh eh eh ‘s”, “sorry sorry’s” , “bam ra ta ta ta’s”



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