Day 3 – Your Favorite bands

Smashing of drums with rhythm, plucking strings of bass guitar , sweet sound produced by the keyboard and the captivating vocals being freed from the vocalist’s soul , in short it’s all about BANDS.
As I write the writing challenge for this day, a certain playlist is playing in my ears; FT Island’s latest album. So the challenge for this day is to write about my favourite bands. Well, I like a lot of bands. I like the collaboration of drums and bass guitar, it tickles my ear to the extent that I’d be head banging.

Since I was 8 years old, my ears had started to listen to bands since my older brother has this avid fascination with bands. He’s been listening to Parokya ni Edgar, Rivermaya , Eraserheads and even My Chemical Romance. He even bought a CD of Parokya ni Edgar, and I remember that I’ve been singing with their songs in the karaoke 5 years ago.
So my first favourite band is, Parokya ni Edgar. So I’d be talking about their music here, not the members’ personality (If you know what I mean XD) . I like their music. I like how they combine their instruments to produce sweet melody. Their songs were all about romance, and since I was listening to them since I was 8, I don’t think I understood what their songs really want to mean. Like , I was just listening to their songs, and singing along with it without understanding the lyrics. Some of my favourite songs of them are, Gitara, Harana, Halaga , Alumni Homecoming, Para Sayo and Pangarap lang Kita. Well, I guess they are one of the best OPM bands, and their music has really amazed me ever since I was a kid.

So the next band I used to listen to is My Chemical Romance. Talking about this, I was introduced to their music through my older brother. He even had a shirt with My Chemical Romance printed on it. I stole that shirt when he can no longer wear it. (:D) . My Chemical Romance, their name’s unique right? Their first song I’ve listened to was, The Black Parade. I really love that song. It’s one of my favourites! It’s a song that started with a lonely melody yet it transformed into a rock melody when the chorus enters. With Gerad Way’s vocals, you could really feel what the song wanted to express. The lyrics was good, really good! “———“ , awww~~ . The other songs I like are, I don’t Love you, Sing, Teenagers, and Helena. Their music is really good! – from the instrumentals to vocals. Unfortunately they disbanded this year, and I was so saddened upon hearing the news. It has been 12 years that they have shared their music with us. Their music added colors to my youth. I wish I was able to watch them live, but i don’t have the chance anymore.

The third band that fascinate me is Paramore. Their music has been playing within my ears since 2008. Hayley Williams, their vocalist , who is infact a female amazed me that she’s on the band being the only one gal. Some of my favourites are Decode, CrushCrushCrush, That’s what you get and The only Exception. I like their songs, the sounds produced by their keyboard, drum, bass and the vocals.

Five Treasure Island , FT Island for short; it’s the next band I’ve been addicted to. It’s a Korean Pop band. They debuted on the year 2007 under FNC Music. The first I first heard from them was their debut song entitled Love Sick. It was really a great song, with the violin which made the song more captivating. All of their songs would really touch your heart in an instant. From the music produced by their instruments and with Hongki’s (their vocalist) emotional vocals. They could do rock ballads. And what I like about them is that there is a rapper. It’s unique for a band to have rapper , right? They also had filmed their music video for their Japanese Single “Raining” in Cebu. They could even sing in English (:p). FT Island is my most favourite band of all the bands I’ve been addicted to. They’ll always be the five whom I would treasure for make my youth more colourful with their music.

And the other band I’m addicted to is LED Apple. It’s a Korean Indie band. They debuted in the year 2009 under Steroyal Ent. They are not famous like FT Island, but I am fascinated with their music. The instrumentals are good, and the vocals too. There are some members who left the group due to some problems with their health, and have been replaced with new ones. They are as good as FT Island. With their new member, Hanbyul who acts as their vocalist, can speak English. Thus, it also made him the chance to sing in English. They also had this MUSIC NOTE in their YouTube account, in which they make a cover of any famous song ( American, Korean etc ), every week. They had covers for most of Bruno Mar’s song! And I must say, you should really listen to their covers! Their covers are even nicer than those originals. (:p)

I have alot bands to add to this day challenge, but I i guess it would be a very long post if I force myself to them. But , ngah, please allow me to add this. It would be the last one, promise.

Well, they’re not an official band but I wish they were. INFINITE Band is their name. They are from the KPOP group named INFINITE. Then they had this sub unit band just for their concert. Ah too bad, I wish Woolim would make them as an official band. It made the members to expose their hidden talents. And they’re really did great!
(TBH, the bassist would always be the first to captivate me. The sound produced from the bass guitar really captures my soul. )



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