Day 4 : Five Places you want to visit.

I don’t think 5 options are enough to enumerate those places I wanted to visit. Sorry but I can’t follow the instruction for this Day 4 challenge. Instead of PLACES, can I change it to COUNTRIES? There are a lot of places I wanted to visit in different countries.
The first country I want to visit is, of course  South Korea. Ever since I’ve been a KPOP fan, I dreamed of visiting this country. I wanted to feel the feeling of breathing the same air with those artists I fascinated. I dreamed of having the chance to step on the land that they had stayed on. I wanted to taste those meals they had everyday. And of course I dreamed of seeing them performing on stage and attend their fansigning events. Those were just some of what a KPOP fangirl dreams. What I admire in this country is that, despite of the struggles they had been to after the Korean War which has vanished all their industries and so many lives, they were able to stand up again. — buildings are now built, people have decent jobs and able to eat for 3 times a day. I dreamed of visiting their tourist spots : Jeju island, Han River, Lotte World, Gyeongbukgong,  etc. I dreamed of tasting the different kinds of kimchi. I dreamed of eating bibimbap, kimchi, bulgogi, kimbap, etc— If I would given a chance to travel the world, South korea will be the place I wanted to visit. —–

The second country I want to visit is France. I dreamed of visiting Paris, the City of Love. Their beaches are great too (base on what i saw on pictures online :p)

Spain is third country I want to visit. I remember dreaming of being there when I was a kid.

The fourth country I want to visit is Iceland. I wanted to be at their Blue Lagoon T___T.
I want to see for myself the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis. Just seeing it on picture fascinates me, what more if I’d be seeing it within my naked eye?
And there’s what they call the Golden Falls.

The fifth country I wanted to visit is Brazil. I’d love to on their coastal cities. ❤



9 thoughts on “Day 4 : Five Places you want to visit.

  1. Iceland is amazing. Gullfoss is great. The Nothern Light are an experience. But P.S. The Blue Lagoon is an overpriced spa. Almost completely man made, its nothing special. If you visit, ask the locals to tell you how to get to a natural hot spring outside the city. Now, that’s an experience.

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