I – N – F – I – N – I – T – E


Disclaimer: photo credit : MNET

Infinite awards for these infinite-ly talented 7 prince, INFINITE.
It was indeed an another HISTORY for INFINITE and US, INSPIRITS!
When our OT7 grabbed the “Best Male Group of the Year” and “Sony Worldwide performer” awards on this year’s MAMA AWARDS.
Two sparkling awards for just ONE BIG NIGHT.

I’ve been proud of them ever since their predebut days. 2010 was their debut year, yet some said that they’re not gonna make it to success.
But despite of those discouragement they had received, they didn’t gave up reaching for their dreams. They stayed in their practice room
for almost 18 hours a day just to rehearse … and rehearse.
And to the fact that their company didn’t have enough money for their promotions, which made their CEO to sell his own house
just to have a budget for them. Their CEO believed on their talents, and that is undeniable.

With all their comebacks for every 5 months, different tastes of music were introduced to us.
Whether it would be a ballad song, an electro pop, hip hop, acoustic, they always had the best with it.
INFINITE is known for their synchronization and harmony among the members.

Each member has a unique talent. Two of their members are good in dancing, singing and rapping. Some members also know how to play
the bass guitar, the drums and organ. There’s also this member who is good in photography and playing the guitar.
They also have the ability to compose songs. Some have great acting skills too. Well as a fan of them for about 4 years now, what more can i ask for?
September 1 2011, an unforgettable day for them and us, Inspirits!
It was their first music award they’ve received on M! Countdown. It was indeed a big celebration for them and for Inspirits to.
Their sleepless nights just to rehearse for 18 hours to perfect their choreography were finally paid off.
They, themselves couldn’t believe that they’ve won!

And then they had another award beating Super Junior with their follow up song “Paradise”.
They couldn’t believe that they have beaten their seniors, who were in the music industry for more than years.

And with all the music awards, they have managed to move to a more comfortable dormitory.
Success have been more closer to them. And they deserve it.

They were nominated for MAMA awards since they debuted yet they didn’t manage to win any but now, they’ve won 2 huge awards!
They don’t belong to the ‘BIG 3’ , which well-known artists belong, yet they manage to grab those awards!

And this year, finally they had they have reached what they’ve been dreaming of before their debut which is to have a WORLD TOUR.
They manage to mark their ONE GREAT STEPS all over the globe — Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Philippines, Los Angeles and even Peru!
THe odds may not be always in their favor, but I believe INFINITE will keep on marking not just ONE GREAT STEP all over the world, but

To infinite-y and beyond.
Long live INFINITE!


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