Day 7 – Day 7 What Type Of Music Do You Favor 

What type of music do I favour?
Ballad songs, rock ballads, electro pop, pop, rock, hip hop, and acoustic fascinate me.

WARNING : I’d be talking about KPOP bands/groups here for I have no choice. They are the ones I keep on listening too. So, brace yourselves if you’re an anti. 🙂

The most favourite type of music of mine is ballad. Ballad songs never fail my eyes to pour teardrops. They never fail to leave a scar in my heart after I listen to them. I like it when KPOP groups like BAP, EXO, INFINITE and other groups which are more into electro pop, will sing a ballad song. It allows them to expose the singers’ high pitch notes. 2AM is one of my favourite ballad groups. Their music has really something that would touch your heart. Each member really has unique voice in which you could easily distinguish who sings this part and other.

Next is the rock ballad. When it comes to this type of music, FT Island is my favourite. Most of their songs are on this genre. And with Hongki’s voice, their vocalist, you could really feel what the song wanted to express. And of course with the sounds produced by their drummer and bass guitarist plus the rap make the song rock.

Next is the electro pop. When it comes to this genre, INFINITE, BAP , EXO and B2st are my favourites. Their synchronize choreography add more fascination to their music. Electro pop is not just pop. It makes you to groove and dance with the music. However pop is just simply pop music. And for Hip Hop, I guess it is more likely to electro pop.

And lastly acoustic music never fails to tickle my ears as the strum of guitar is played with the vocalist’s cool voice. In this genre, I love listening to FT Island, LED Apple and CN Blue. And also some KPOP Groups also make acoustic versions of their original songs.




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