Day 8 If the world is to end tomorrow, what do you want to do in your remaining time?

We all don’t know when the world will end. No one knows it except God.
Nonetheless today’s writing challenge got me thinking: if I knew that the world will end tomorrow, what would I do in my remaining time?
Well, if I had the chance to be aware when the world will end which is absolutely impossible, and I only have 24 hours left to live in this world, the first thing I’d do is to strengthen my faith in God more. I’d recall those people whom I had sinned and who have sinned me. I’d forgive them and I’d ask for their forgiveness. I’d thank all who have been part of my life. I’d thank those who had added colors to my gray life for 16 years of my existence in this world.
Maybe for an hour, I’d be spending it with myself doing everything I’ve been doing that makes me happy. Maybe I will finish a book, but it’s really impossible to finish it for an hour. Or maybe I’d be listening to my favourite playlist; watch my favourite tv shows? ; play a song with the flute once more? ; take photographs?; spend my time reading my diary again? ; fill my stomach with my favourite food?; watch my favourite band/group performing live? But it’s too impossible.
I’d be spending the remaining time with my friends and family. I’d call my friends and send my gratitude to them. I want to thank them for sharing laughter’s and tears throughout the years. I’d get my family together at home then we’ll all have fun; play games, share stories while eating our favourite meals. I want to tell how much I love them. I want them to know how I treasure them. I want them to be aware that I will always be thankful for GOD has given me a family that I could treasure forever. Then for the few hours remaining, I’d like to sleep with them in the same room. I want to spend my remaining time with them, my family.



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