Yearning For Christmas Break ( Day 10 – Free Day)

The cold breeze have touched my skin and left a smile on my face; the colorful lights sparkling every night have captured my eyes; the joyful songs have been played in my ears and it reminded me that it is already December, Christmas is coming.
I can now hear the screams of students, their growls and howls, and their eagerness to escape from their shells.

Christmas is one of the most anticipated event for most students, including myself of course.
It allows us to go out from our academic shells which are the four corners of the classroom. It gives us the chance to feel relieved even just for awhile. It allows us to take a break from stress and other academic pressures. I am quite happy now ’cause I can now smell the breeze of Christmas. I can now have a break soon from school stuff. But before I could reach that peak of happiness, I still have to enter the doors of sleepless nights for we still have to take our prelim exams. I am looking forward to no longer smell the radiant aroma of workbooks and spilled ink. My ears can no longer wait to relax soon from hearing bombarding announcements from our professors that exams, quizzes and other activities are coming. My brain can soon take its rest and regain the juices it drained for me to answer my quizzes and exams.

Thinking about reunions, gatherings, vacation and parties to attend make me more excited for the break. I can no longer wait to see my family and relatives; and my friends too. I cannot wait them to put a smile on my face and play harmony of happiness in my ears. I am excited to distinguish the changes they had after the last time I saw them. Their hair must have grown now and wrinkles might have been added to their maturity. My feet are now eager to travel. They cannot wait to feel the roughness of the sand; the giggles made by the splash of water raging from the vast sea; the toughness of the floors at the mall; and the sharp texture of the grass. I am excited to go to the beach. I miss the feeling of comfort when the water tickles my feet as I step on the seashore. I cannot wait to smell the aroma of the sea while the sun watches over me. I am anticipating that we will be going out of town this break. And what I am excited about is that I will be getting older by the 28th of the month. I hate the fact of getting older seriously, but still I feel blessed because GOD will soon add another year of my life.

Most college students especially those who live far from their college or university anticipate for this break ‘cause they can now have the chance to go home. Just like me, my home is 10 hours away via bus from the state university I am attending. I can no longer wait to see my family. My bedroom must have been waiting for my comeback. I miss my soft bed and pillows which give me comfort every night. I miss how the rays of the sun kiss my skin which awakes me every morning. I can no longer wait to watch my favourite TV shows every day. I miss how my siblings and I fight over what TV show to watch. I miss how I get excited whenever my favourite show is played on TV. I can no longer wait to enjoy the free internet connection at home. I miss surfing the internet without being bothered with school stuff. I miss how my mother scolds me whenever I use the PC for more than 3 hours. My taste buds can no longer wait to be awaken by my parents’ delicious dishes. I miss home and I can no longer wait to have my comeback.

We should not neglect the reason why we’re having a Christmas break. Ofcourse what I am really anticipating for Christmas is that the event itself. I cannot wait to attend the Simbang Gabi every early in the morning and to feed my stomach with hot coffee and freshly cooked bibingkas. I cannot wait to listen to the joyful songs sung by the carollers every night. I cannot wait to receive gifts this Christmas. I cannot wait to be with my family during the Media Noche.

We all have different anticipations for this coming Christmas break. Professionals are not glad for they could soon spend their time with their family and loved ones. Children are now getting excited for the gifts they are to receive. Vendors are now happy for they will be earning more money. And last but not the least, the students are now eager to escape from the shells of pressure of stress. But we should know why we have this break, it is because to remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.



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