Day 11 If you could go on only one more vacation in your lifetime, where would you go and why

If I could go only one more vacation in my life, I’d choose to go to South Korea.  I don’t think I still need to explain this. To travel around South Korea is my dream since I became a KPOP Fan.  It’s a wish for every KPOP fangirls out there.

My first destination will be, ofcourse, SEOUL.  I’d be visiting the LOTTE WORLD. It’s the biggest amusement park in Seoul. I’d like to visit the COEX mall which is the most famous mall in Korea. It’s even the  longest underground shopping center in Asia. I dreamed of visiting the Banpodaegyo Bridge and the N Seoul Tower (Teehee those places which have been featured on Boys Over Flowers 😀 ) And ofcourse I should not forget of visiting the  Gyeongbokgung Palace. And I’d get my luggage filled with KPOP stuff from the Myeong-dong Market. There are really alot of places which I wanted to visit in Korea. Well maybe I’d be visiting all of the  KPOP Entertainments (Teehee) and attend fanmeetings and music shows too!

And I must forget visiting the beach in Busan and will try eating the charcoal-grilled bulgogi.  Also I need to visit the island of Jeju , where I could definitely taste the nature.  My travel in Korea won’t be complete if I won’t be able to eat kimchi, tteokboki , bibimbap, and other Korean dishes.

If I wouldn’t have more time to visit the other tourist spots in Korea, what important is that I’d be able to attend fanmeetings and music shows. My fangirl dream would then be complete.



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