Day 12 – A picture of your hand writing and talk about it.


Oh look at my handwriting. I have my own font and it has a default size. Seriously, I really like to write, I mean, spilling ink over papers or anything not that writing about articles/stories/etc. I am fond of writing notes on my notebook whether it’s important or not. I also tried writing all what our professors/ instructors have said during their discussions. I have my own font and it gets messy whenever I rush on writing notes or my hand is tired. Its default size is really small. (HAHAHAHA) I don’t know why I write that way. My eyesight is getting poorer yet I still right in that size. But And was this time when I was asked by our Professor to enlarge my handwriting. I had a hard time on enlarging it, but gah, it already has a default size so then it would get smaller again.

I prefer using black-pointed pens. It seems that my handwriting doesn’t fit to be written in blue inks. I also don’t like using thick-pointed pen. It makes my handwriting even uglier. This is my handwriting. It has its own font and its size is unchangeable.



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