Day 13 – Write About Something That Happened To You This Week.

So I’d be writing about what happened to me from the 8th of December to  14th.

I was not feeling well since the 5th. I had fever yet I still have to attend school fearing that I’d miss a lot of activities , lessons and even quizzes. I really hate to be left behind. I don’t want to get worried about the lessons that I need to catch up and also the quizzes that I won’t be able to have when I’d be absent. Fortunately we didn’t have class in CWTS on the 8th, so then I had the time to rest. I had to attend the scheduled classes on the 9th day especially Math since we’ll be having our prelim exam this coming 16th.

Then on the 10th, we  didn’t have class in Pol Sci in the morning since we there was a program for UDHR being conducted and hosted by PSS.  I reviewed for ECON the whole day at 11th. To be honest,  I realized that the lessons were just easy, I mean it was not really not hard like the way our instructor discuss the lessons to us. I regret for not reviewing the lessons before.

We had our quiz in PSYCH on the 12th, and I had a really bad score.  We didn’t have classes in the afternoon due to the General Assembly held by the KASAMA. Only few students attended and it’s really disappointing. I’d rather choose to have class in Math 31 so that I could still learn more and get ready for the prelim exam on the 16th.

We didn’t have class in Pol Sci due to the brownout. And I am so happy for our ECON exam is moved on Tuesday! We’re supposed to take the exam this day. Thanks to CASS Gen Assembly and Paskuhan for we weren’t able to take the exam .(HAHAHA) The Dean’s Listers of each department were recognize too! And I am so glad that I am one of them. (Mark 9:23! )

I still feel so blessed this week despite of the sick I had. So far, this week was great.




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