Day 15 – Write a letter to your favorite artists.


So here I am writing you a letter again. This letter which I know won’t be sent to you. This letter from a hopeless fangirl whom you don’t know exists. But as today’s challenge got me to do this.

First I’d like to thank you for filling my youth with happiness. Thank you for sharing your music with us, Inspirits. Thank you for all the hours you’ve spent at your practice room just to give us a perfect performance. Thank you for still trying to perform on stage even if you’re bound with sickness. Thank you for the inspiration that you’ve given us to aspire our goals in life too.

You are the group that I admire the most. Since it was announced that you are going to debut back in 2010, you guys have captivated me with your talents and personality. I may not be in Korea to witness your hardships , but my PC witnessed how I followed you as you reach the peak of success . Even if we are parted with my computer screen, I still didn’t give up on supporting you. I watch your performances live online, your TV guestings, variety shows and even the dramas that you had. I’ve been a fan of you before your debut – and still am.

I am so happy for you guys. You have achieved your dreams now. You guys had your own world tour. You guys really deserve the awards that you’ve received, the chants of the fans, and the projects offered to you. Despite the discouragement of some people gave you before still, you soared high for your dreams. And now you guys have taken your great steps all over the world. Your CEO didn’t have the wrong decision of selling his house just to support your career.

I know, the time would come when you guys would be enlisted to the ARMY or get married. The time would come when your hairs get white and wrinkles would cover your charisma. The time would come when you’d find your other halves, raise your kids and stop performing on stage. The time would come when I can no longer see your faces on TV, hear your voices and see you on magazines. I know that time would come, but I am sure not to forget all the memories you’ve shared with us, your fans. Your photos will always be saved in my memory. Your music will always be played in my ears. The smiles, the laughters and the tears will forever remain in my heart.

I would always be thankful for knowing such talented and heart-warming persons like you guys. I know, I am just an ordinary fan out with the million fans you have now. I may not be able to attend your concerts or fanmeetings, but I promise someday I’d be able to see you and if by chance, I’d like to thank you personally for making my youth colourful.
There might be many groups debuting these days or on the next years, but still in my heart, you’d always be the best group for me. No one could ever make me change the love and support I am giving you.

I’m ending this letter now. It’s getting longer. Maybe the time I’d be reading this letter again is when after I had meet you guys in person, and I am hoping for that.
Keep on sharing your music with us. Keep on soaring your dreams. Keep on inspiring us. Stay being INFINITE-ly talented guys. ❤

Your fan
Whom you don’t know exists.


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