No this is not a countdown for the Christmas.
I only have 10 days left of being a 16.
I can’t still believe that I’d be turning 17 this coming 28th.
Well for me, I am still that 13 year old gal who think like one.
Really? I’d be turning 17? Reminiscing about my childhood makes me not to believe
that I’m getting older, again. By the way 17 is my favorite number. And I am hoping
for the luck and blessings that I’d be receiving during that age.

10 DAYS. My last 10 days to live being a 16 year old gal.
My 16th year of my existence was/is quite good. I graduated in High School and took
the first step in college. I’ve known new fellas whom I think were better than those I’ve known during my high school years.
Well I guess, I am blessed for that year – and still am.

11 days to go and I’d be 17, and I can’t believe it.


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