Day 19 What is your favourite music video

I have watch alot of music videos and I think the concepts are just all the same. You know in KPOP scene, the group performing with their astonishing outfits yet only have one concept – dancing , singing and rapping until the song ends.

There’s this KPOP music video that I love the most. Perhaps only few fans know this. Oh wait it is not just one music video, there are two. The music videos wherein 5dolls get featured to, Lip Stain and It’s You. I really like the concept. It’s not common. I was really fascinated when I saw this music video, and I was like it is new to my eyes after seeing repeatedly played music videos in KPOP industry.

The concept goes with two girls who have different tastes in dancing. One goes with ballet dancing while the other one goes with hiphop/pop dance. Then there goes Jay Park, who has been featured there. He is the guy whom the two girls are fighting over. The ballet dancer and Jay Park has a strong relationship until the Hiphop dancer seduced him at the bar (it was supposed their graduation ball). Since Jay and the other girl have the same taste in hiphop, the ballet girl tried hard to change her skill. She tried to learn hiphop dancing then she joined the dance contest where the other girl planned to join too. But then after the ballet girl’s performance, she noticed that the other girl wasn’t there. Until such she knew that she was rushed to the hospital. The girl has cancer and the reason why Jay was always with him is that he worries with her condition. On the first music video, the point-of-view of the ballet girl was shown while on the next MV, the hip hop gal’s story was exposed.
The music video was really great, really great. The characters have also portrayed their roles well and ofcourse the songs that originally make the video great.

By the way , you could watch the music videos here ,1 & 2.


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