Day 20 What Are Your Hobbies  Why Do You Like Them

Surfing the internet, running a blog, watch variety shows, movies and dramas and listen to music – those are my hobbies.

I will never get bored on surfing the internet, never. Well, seriously , once I opened google chrome, I then type on my favourite SNS. May it be facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, tumblr or ask fm. I even created numerous email ad and now I’m having a hardtime to recall those passwords I’ve got them to. To be honest, I hate facebook the most. It bothers me to see flooded selfies all over my newsfeed. Ugh, well I get used to it since I was a KPOP fan, when celebrities post their selcas (I even prefer calling it a selca not a selfie LOL) online, but gah, it’s different to what I see now, totally different. And so what I think, facebook is filled with copy 7 pastes. I’m sorry but, yeah it’s how I believe it. Those memes, trolls, facts that you see edited with a picture on your newsfeed were actually from tumblr, and they are not even given credits with that. Ahh, so much for this, I’m not supposed to reveal my rants about facebook here (HAHAHAHA, maybe I’d make a post about it soon XD).

I run a blog. It’s a fanblog okay. I still don’t have the guts to create a blog where I could earn money. (HAHAHA) I always have fun whenever I’m doing this. But wait, I don’t only run blogs, I run fan pages too but gah, it’s so tiring.

I’m also fond of watching variety shows, kdramas and movies too. I can even finish a 16 episode Korean drama in just one day, HAHAHAHA. Variety shows never fail to entertain me, specifically Korean Variety shows. Such variety shows are totally different with the Philippines. Oh sorry I’m not supposed to compare Korean and Philippine here. (HAHAHA :P). I still love watching Korean dramas even if the concepts are just way all the same. There goes a rich guy and a poor gal. Then the two of them met, and the guy fell to that poor gal. But then the guys was already engaged, but the guy insists the he loves the poor girl. They entered to alot of obstacles yet they ended up with being together and they happily lived ever after. (:D). It still never gets me bored. Those dramas and also movies will never fail to make me spazz over it.

I also love listening to music. Well I think you already know what music I am fond of listening too. (:P)


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