Day 22 Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleeping.

So today’s challenge is asking me about making history on my longest I’ve ever gone without sleeping. I still remember it. I still remember how I wanted so badly to sleep that night but I must not. I must not sleep for I still need to finish piles of requirements in school.

It was a day when I and only my younger brother was left home. It was really a busy day for me. I still had to attend school in the morning ‘till afternoon because of that required attendance. Gah, if it’s not about that attendance I should have finish my requirements earlier, and I should be not sharing this now. But I think I will have a hard time digging up with the memories I had which made me not to sleep. I guess that’s the only experience I ever had without sleeping.
So then as I arrived home, I started doing my requirements after dinner. I stayed awake ‘till morning. I can’t believe how the time ran so fast yet I was moving slowly. I still had to go to school early after that day. I didn’t bother recalling horror stories during that night. What I kept in mind is that, I need to finish these stuff for the deadline is tomorrow. That day was really unforgettable for me. But I had the time to take a nap on the chair. I was typing on my term paper on a certain subject without being awared that I fell asleep. Oh wait I was not asleep, I just took a nap. (LOL what’s the difference? No there is a difference HAHAHA). And when I woke up my younger brother was already gone to school. And I was so mad that day, why didn’t even bother to wake me up? (LOL he must have been pitying me ). Then I rushed typing on my term paper, then I prepared to go to school. I still have to went over the cafe to print my term paper ‘cause our printer ran out of ink.
Aigoooooooo~~ that day was really horrible, but thanks to that I have something to fill this day challenge. (:D)


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