Christmas Break To-Do-List




It’s been 3 days since I had my Christmas break but gah, i haven’t done any of those on my to-do-list. T____T

It seems that I’m not making this break productive. I am just wasting my time staring at my netbook’s screen and didn’t mind that the time is running.

I am still working with the 30 day challenge T_T. I should be on the 23rd day challenge now but still I haven’t finish my day 14 challenge. Now I have proven myself that I couldn’t accomplish any daily challenge on time. I tried it at my tumblr account before but it ended up like this too.

I still need to finish DIYs which I was planning when school is still bothering me and when I was getting excited for the break. But what the heck is happening to me? i haven’t get done anything yet. I still have piled of books , (lol I mean 3 books) to study on. Series of exams would welcome me with my comeback to school next year. I am also supposed to enjoy this break with fangriling but I think it’s not gonna happen anymore. I need to make this break productive. But still I’d try to take a glimpse of fangirling. I still have to get the prizes i’ve won from the giveaways last year which I haven’t receive yet. Yeah, it’s been a year now. I haven’t logged in to my fangirling facebook account yet. I promised myself to to open it when the school starts so that I could focus with school stuff. And I guess it worked. But I can’t help it anymore. Anytime with these days I’d be having my comeback there. I guess my friends miss me too (LOL). They surely miss how I flooded there newsfeed with ohsofangirling of mine. I also need to fix with the fan pages managing there too. Gah, I am tired of it.

Oh please. There are alot of things that are bombarding my mind. T_T

I’m gonna get this list done. FIGHTING!!!




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