7 months away from vexation

It’s been almost 7 months since I haven’t logged in to my fangirling facebook account. HAHA! I call it my fangriling account since it is where I throw out my fangirling dozes. I used to create another account. It’s supposed to be my personal account yet I ended up fangirling there. Ugh, I’m talking about facebook again. (TSK)

Now you might be asking why I still keep those accounts yet I hate facebook. I still need to keep in touch with my friends there, you know those whom I spend the happiness with. That account is still special to me since it’s where I have put my memories that I’d treasure forever. That would remind how I did my youth during those days.

The reason why I decided not to log in to that account when the school starts, is that, I already know that it would bother me with my studies. It’s already proven and tested (HAHAHA). I’m done with it since High School and I don’t want to happen it again. But I was still able to graduate with flying colors (but I don’t think it soared so high, IYKWIM :D) with being bothered in that account. I still got fan pages to manage. Those fan pages who witnessed how much I supported the groups and bands. Those fanpages who witnessed how my mother scolded me for staying up late every night. Those fan pages who witnessed how I fail my grades in High School. (but still I was able to retrieve it, but not better as before :<) .
Numerous friend requests, notifications and even messages are waiting for me for sure. I still need to fix things regarding my job, oh i mean fangirling( HAHAHAHA) I still have to get my prizes I’ve won last year which didn’t arrived yet. Gah, It’s been a year. I still need to have the poster which was also not shipped when I ordered Myung’s photobook. Ugh
I can’t help it. I’d be logging in to that account before the year ends. 😀


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