Day 30 Recall something from your childhood and write about it.

This happened about 14 years ago. I was 3 years old back then.
I can still remember it and I’d feel so embarassed after revealing this now.

There was a time when my cousins (they were about 5-8 years old that time) joined in a pageant (oh wait it was modeling not a pageant ? gah, whatever you call it HAHHA)
Then we attended there, I was with my aunties. We were at backstage that time.
I was so envy seeing my cousins all dressed up. They also have those hats and also I had one.

Then the event started and they all ramped. I was left alone at the backstage since my auntie left.
And all the sudden I ramped and joined the other kids (or should I say models? HAHAHA) there.
My aunties and cousins were all shocked and so was I.
I myself, couldn’t even believe that I did it. I guess it was the most embarassing moment that time, but
I didn’t care about it either. I was still a kid.

I can’t even believe that I still remember it ’till now. I still wonder if that really happened or it was just a dream.


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