Day 31 It’s The Last Day Of The Year.  Write About Your Favorite And Least Favorite Memory Of This Year. 

KYAAAAA~~~ Finally the DAILY CHALLENGE has come to an end!!
I can take a rest after this for sure. Maybe I’d be on semi- hiatus.
And I can’t believe I have gain that number of followers within this month. WOOOW, thanks to you guys! But I still don’t know what brought you to my blog?
It’s full of my rants, thoughts and babbles. But thanks anyway~~ 😀

Oh wait, it’s going to be a new year tomorrow!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

So today’s challenge got me to cite down my most favorite and least favorite memory that happened this year?

About my least favorite memory? Oh maybe my Graduation Day. It’s not that I feel bad for I’d be missing those HS days,
but it’s just that I guess it was not really memorable for me? It made me realized that I didn’t enjoy high school.
I was never into fun during those days. I was into my academics. I can’t even remember a happy memory I had back in thsoe times.
But atleast that memory was still my favorite, but it’s just the least. (WHHHATTT??)

And my most favorite memory I had this year, was during Christmas ofcourse.
Celebrating Christmas with my family being complete is just enough for me to be happy.


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