It’s 5th day of January and it’s time be on reality mode, again.

It seems like the break flew so fast. Like seriously, I haven’t done anything on what I was supposed to do during that time. I wasn’t able to make DIYs. I wasn’t able to review for the upcoming prelim exams. UGH. I haven’t done anything productive during the break. I regretted on bringing those heavy books along with me yet I didn’t open any of them. All I did was of course, surfing the internet and also I downloaded movies and dramas to watch. And I feel so outdated with those recent Korean dramas that have been aired on that span of time. I have downloaded “The Heirs” already and I kept on spoiling myself. I watched some episodes and skip a bit to some scenes. TSK. I also tried to download “Master Sun” yet I failed on doing it. TBH, I am so disappointed with myself. It seems like I haven’t done anything that would benefit me after.

We just arrive yesterday here in ILGN. We arrived so late in the evening, it was already 8 o’clock. UGH. And still now I am exhausted with that so long travel. There were also so many passengers which also made me so suffocated since I sat near the window. The seats were just suppose to support only two people, but since there were so many passengers we have no choice but to share a seat with those ladies or senior citizens.
Ahhhh so this is it. I have to go back to reality. I now need to forget that one summer night dream and get ready to face reality. I still have loads of books to review on. One of my resolutions this year is to stop procrastinating, but I don’t think I could manage it. It’s the first week of the year yet that I am not already following it.

Reality mode again, but I am not ready yet.


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