KPOP x Accessories


I was really happy after I had found out that I’d be able to see such accessories here in Iligan.
I’ve seen such  online and I was planning to buy one but knowing that the price are not cheap and still I need to pay for the shipping fee and also it would cost me to wait for a month until I may able to use them.
And I’m so glad that I have such KPOP inspired accessories for a cheap price. 😀
So here, I got Gdragon’s Crayon Skeleton Hair Clip, Infinite logo rings, and spike headbands, bracelets and watch.
#1 GDragon’s Crayon Skeleton Hair Clip

GD wore this hairclip on his music video for Crayon. (here’s the video link)
I was planning to make a DIY with it during the Christmas break but since I wasn’t able to manage making such I ended up planning again.
And then I saw this on a store, and I was so happy! But the thing is, I hate its color so I repainted it with grey. I’m planning again to buy another and paint it with gold. 😀
#2 INFINITE logo rings

I guess I have already shared here how I admire INFINITE. After seeing these Infinite logo rings on a stall, I didn’t have doubts of not buying it. I don’t mind if these rings won’t fit on my finger but gaaah, I really can’t believe that they’re  perfect replica of Infinite’s logos!
Unfortunately, they won’t fit on my ring finger so I just had to wear them with my pinky instead.
#3 Spike Headbands

I’m really with spikes-thingy. Haha! I can’t imagine having this for cheap price! 🙂

#4 Spike bracelets and watch

Oh wait, those bracelets are not spiky either XD.

I’m looking forward to discover KPOP inspired accesories again! 😉

(I just used my phone camera for taking those photos, )


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