MSU IIT’s hidden VIEW-tiful scenery: CASS LAWN


Amidst the clutter of buildings abiding at the MSU IIT, a miniscule of land lies known as CASS LAWN.


As you would take your first steps on the CASS lawn, mythical structures of trees would surprise you. There are leaf-less trees that quietly stays in the breeze and there are leafy ones swing happily. Those trees have different stories to tell – life, joy, hope, sorrow and even death.

When the golden rays of sun would shine, it would burn through your skin that would make your sweat drip from forehead to your eyes. And when rainy days come around the gentle breeze would be enough to make you giggle for coldness. You would hear the winds through the leaves and on that wind travelled the noise produced by the students gathering like flocking birds.

As the wind blows the trees, their branching shadows would be formed on your skin. You’d be able to smell the radiant aroma of the green leaves, of the branches of trees and of the grass. The grass, which is being fenced with stones, is dried from the early morning dew that makes it look fresh and greener as ever.


If you position yourself at the TIGUM-TAPOK Hall (Political Science Major Rooms), you would witness the entire beauty that the trapezoidal lawn tries to expose. It has dramatic scenery which hides its beauty. You will be amazed by its constituents. You could see a tall tree in the nearer right of the lawn. Beside it , has a small rock where you could sit like you own the place. Near it, there is a leaf-less tree that seems to be saddened by what life brings.

A group of young bamboo trees can be found on the left side. A zigzag-shaped canal that divides the lawn unequally can also be found at the far left side. You could also see little light posts that would enlighten the view at night.


On the far-left side, you can find the MSU IIT’s famous pathway which is known as “Himantayon” Avenue (from Visayan word which means judgmental). As you walk through it, you must be ready for the head-to-toe judgments of those people staying there. But you need not to worry, the judgment would only took a minute unless you tend to walk slowly as if you are a model of a trendy magazine. (:D)

Near it, a leaf-less tree peeks beyond the abundant leafy trees. You need to look highly so that you could feel its essence. It would remind you of the past and would give you hope for tomorrow.

MSU IIT has a lot more view-tiful sceneries. CASS Lawn has still more hidden beauty. You need to visit it and remember to appreciate every inch of the creatures.


(P/S: I just used my phone camera on taking those photos HAHA)_


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