Aim High and Reach for your goals!

AMBITION – Everyone have it. Some aim for power, some aim for prestige, some aim for wealth and some aim for fame. A man without ambition is compared to a boat without a rudder. Since it has no destination, it would reach nowhere.

If ambition were chocolates, everyone would crave for it in their entire life. I believe that all of us have ambition. It is free to aim for it. Everyone can have it. There are no laws that would dictate you on what to aim for. You could dream of being the next Bill Gates or the next Steve Jobs. You could dream of anything yet it is in you on how to achieve it. It does not matter if a person performs vivid efforts on reaching an ambition. Well, atleast one has the will to achieve what she/he aims. An ambition without hardwork would be meaningless. We should exert efforts to achieve our ambition. We need to strive hard for it.

“Never stop dreaming, your ambition is your everything.” As what the quote says, we should never stop on setting our goals and on aspiring our dreams in life. These ambition are what we will be living within the future. It is our everything. Everything in our life is connected to it. It will shape our future. It would tell us how far we have sailed on our journey. It would determine who we are and what we are going to be.

Our ambition may refuse to accept reality , yet we need to believe that nothing and no one would stop us on our journey we are sailing. Someday, somehow, perhaps, we would achieve  our imagination— our AMBITION. Aim high and reach for it!


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