Three Hundred Sixty Five minus One

365 – 1

No this ain’t about Math HAHAHA

Remember the 365 Day Challenge? Gaaah, I just had a sip of soda yesternight.
TSK. My friends and I offed to somewhere to feed our stomach and also our brain. LOL
We just had our midterm exam in Math 31, then after we decided to have a food trip somewhere.

About the 365 Day Challenge, which in fact, I am not allowed to have any sip of soda or a bite of junk food, but gaaaah
yesternight, I had a glass of soda. But I wasn’t aware that …. TSKKK, I forgot about the challenge, and maybe I forgot that , I was already having a sip of soda.

So yeah, I guess, it would not be a 365 day challenge for soda abstinence anymore, UGH.
But, gaaaah, I promise , I won’t get down by this challenge, Haha!



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