Gaaah, there were so many things that happened these past few weeks.
We had series of midterm examinations also we had to comply for some requirements in other subjects.

Nahh, my brain has definitely drained its juices and my neurons have depleted.
I was in a state of exhaustion in those days and I thought my brain could now take its rest but gaah, FINALS is coming!!!
And still, there are so many requirements to comply.

I thank GOD for I have survived those breathtaking tasks that  I need to finish.
And as I have said, there were so many things that happened. Yes, there were, so many of them.
My brain was about to explode with such complicated tangled wires of thoughts that distract me.
The complexion of my thoughts got me to give up and UGH, it also got me to hate the society more.

One thing is that about this topic, NATIONALISM. I don’t know but, it’s really a big deal for me.
I was questioned about my nationalism, and I just can’t take how such people expose their condemning eyes and their judging looks on me.
But anyways, thanks to that incident, I have something to write about. HAHAHA! :))

Ahhh, I’ve been teased to give up now. But thinking about those circumstances that I have encountered with those past few days and knowing that I have survived them all,
I don’t think I’d be giving up. I’m just starting to taste the spies of life now, and I guess, I can take it.

I PAUSED for a second to think about nostalgic experiences that would then force me   to PLAY it again.
Ohhhh, REWINDing those experiences would really make me drown with such too much feels.


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