Banning KPOP in the Philippines?

­“Philippine President proposed to ban KPOP in the Philippines.

I was actually bombarded with this quote after seeing it at twitter yesterday. I tried to track hashtags regarding it and I found the same quote but actually there were no sources being mentioned. I wasn’t actually convinced that it was true. And this issue existed last 2010, and I don’t know why it was brought up again. Back in 2010,  PNoy didn’t  actually  propose to ban KPOP. He just   released an order  to allot atleast 4 hours for Original Pilipino Music to be played on local radio stations. It was not about banning KPOP okay? It was about OPM promotion. PNoy actually wanted OPM to give a chance to be played on local radios.

And now going back with what I had read yesterday, TBH, after reading the tweet, I was actually annoyed and I wasn’t really in the mood during our class until such I have researched what was it really about. Then I found out that it was not actually banning KPOP (again)! Some fans are just overrationalizing.

So what I have found out is that, first, it was not actually PNOY who proposed to ban KPOP, and second it was not actually about banning KPOP.

Cong. Lito Atienza , from Buhay Party List, filed two showbiz bills.  What are these two showbiz bills?

House Bill No. 3839, limiting the airing of foreign telenovelas to non-primetime hours. Six to 10 p.m. is TV’s primetime.

House Bill No. 3840, a five-year tax holiday for the film industry, including the purchase of equipment, film production and exhibition.

(as cited on Tempo the News Flash)

Okay, first we’ll talk about the HB 3839. This bill aims to limit the showing of foreign TV shows or teleseryes on primetime. Cong. Atienza believes that  only local TV shows should be shown on primetime (6 to 10 p.m.) to make sure viewers would give preference to homegrown shows. Foreign teleseryes like Koreanovelas, Mexicanovelas, etc. CAN STILL BE SHOWN, but not on primetime. (as cited on Cong. Atienza’s official blog)

See? There was no such BANNING KPOP! It’s just that Cong. Atienza wants to promote the FILIPINO shows to be aired during primetime.

Then the second bill, HB. 3840. This bill aims to provide a five-year tax holiday for the film industry including the purchase of equipment, film production and exhibition for five years.

You can actually watch the interview with Cong. Lito Atienza regarding the proposed bills here. ( as shown in Good Morning  Boss!)

Accordingly, it has been believed that the Philippine Film Industry is losing .  because of the over burden in paying taxes.  If there would be tax exemption , the industry can recover its expenses and also there would be more jobs for the Filipinos.

Cong. Atienza also stated that the HB 3840 aims to control the airing of foreign shows since it is believe that it is unfair with local shows. This bill aims to give chance for the local shows to be aired on primetime and also to promote the local talents.

So this has nothing to do with banning KPOP. The two showbiz bills aim to promote Philippine Film Industry. Thus, we, KPOP fans, need not to worry about.  The bills only concern about the Film Industry not the Music.  And also, I think these bills will actually prevent the so-called self-proclaimed KPOP Fans ( If you know what I mean)  to join the bandwagon.

I don’t really believe that the government would actually ban KPOP here in Philippines. Come to think of it, banning KPOP is like actually banning the economical growth.  Many Koreans abide here in Philippines , and think about it, if they would know that something related about them is banned here in the country, what would the government expect? Ofcourse, there’s a possibility that they would leave the country and thus that would also affect our economical growth.

Other thing is that, if KPOP would be banned, isn’t it so unfair? Why don’t they ban all foreign music then? But isn’t that impossible too right?

South Korean and Philippines also have a strong friendship. And I guess if the government would actually ban KPOP in our country; there would be something to happen with that.

In my opinion, the goals of the proposed showbiz bills are actually to promote the local industry, OUR OWN.

So I hope, this blogpost has enlightened you about the issue.

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