Liebster Awards For Bloggers Around the World


Liebster Awards For Bloggers Around the World


SO I  was just nominated for  Liebster Awards. Thank you airayuuki for nominating me.

(Sorry but I guess i won’t follow the directions, I’d just answer the questions then. I’m too lazy to give my nominations A;)

1) Why did you start blogging?

You mean, why did I start blogging here or with my first blog? Wait I have previous blogs, and if you’re referring to those blogs not this, my answer would be – Ah, actually I started blogging because of KPOP, yes the fandom itself. I started last 2009 (at wordpress) but I was not active then. I moved to tumblr and been hooked to it. KPOP got me into blogging to get more updated about the idols and also the fandom. Then  I created this blog in partial requirement for our ENG2 subject HAHA! I used to blog here my thoughts, rants, musing that rage inside my mind. XD But I’m planning to continue blogging here even though it’s not part of the subject anymore. (XD)

2) When did you discover K-Pop and K-dramas?

I actually discovered KPOP through Korean Dramas 😀 . It was when I watched Boys Over Flowers and I get hooked to it. I was inlove with the OST’s. They’re very catchy and heart-warming. It made me to love SHINee and SS501. I was fascinated with SHINee’s Stand By Me and SS501’s Because I’m Stupid. I researched about those groups and voila!! I have discovered the other side of the world, HHAHA.

3) What would you do if you could spend a day with your favorite celebrity? Who would it be?

HAHAHA! Who would it be? My ultimate bias of course, KIM MYUNGSOO (OMO , his birthday is coming! HAHA). What would I do if I could spend a day with him? HAHAHA, this question is really …. , TBH, I’m not really comfortable with this kind of question. LOL. But anyways, if I could have that time, I’d have so many options to do.

Oh wait let’s suppose that in that time I have enough money and so then I’d have my own DSLR camera (HAHA). One is, I’d bring my camera along with me and spend the entire day with him taking photographs while travelling around South Korea. Yes, it may be impossible to travel around SK for just one day, but then I’d just try to choose those places which I really dreamed to visit on. He was actually the reason why I started to love photography aside from being inspired with other bloggers at tumblr. And because of that, it forced me to buy his first photobook, the VIEWTIFUL Photobook. I’m that kind of fan who don’t spend money on buying albums, I believe that there are other ways to support them. And since I promised myself that if Myung would have an album, it’d be the first album which I’d buy. But he actually didn’t have an album, it was a photobook and I guess they’re just the same LOL. There was again a second version being released, but gaaah, I opted not to buy again. It would really cost me alot! HAHAHA.

Second, I’ll ask him to teach me more on how to play the guitar (HAHAHA). I’d also ask him to play the fan song he composed (AWW <3) It was really because of him (Sungha has influenced me too HAHA)  why I tried learning how to play the guitar. I just learned all by myself. I learned with the video tutorials on youtube and ofcourse him, as my inspiration (HAHAHA)  But I’m not really that good HAHA . I only knew the basics! :p

Third, I’d cook him different varieties of KIMCHI! (it’s his favourite! HAHA) . Then I should  not forget buying him a bamboo pillow too! .

Fourth, we’ll go shopping. (HAHAHAHAH)  I know he’d like it! He’d be picking black stuff for sure! And also plaid shirts! HAHA. Naah, TBH, I wasn’t really into black stuff before, but when I knew him, I started wearing or collecting black stuff/outfits. HAHAHA, also I’m starting to collect    plaid shirts XD.

Ahhh enough for this, HAHAHAHA. TBH, I can’t imagine myself saying all this. Ohkay, I know it’s disgusting thinking as a fan that you’d spend a day with your bias HAHAHAHA. But this question really forced me to do so HAHA. :p

4)   What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?

So far, it was the 30 DAY December challenge that I did last year. And fortunately I have finished it! HAHAHA

5. What is your idea of a perfect drama?

Well, for me perfect drama is just like a dish with different varieties of flavour and also it must have a balanced taste. When there are spices, there must be sweets too. Ofcourse, the OST’s must be added to that dish.

6. What is your favorite blog post, one that you have written?

Favorite? I actually have none, I’m still planning to write it but I have no time. But for now, since this question really got me to , then I choose this one  . HAHAHA, yes, While I was writing that post, I really can’t help my emotions to burst. HAHAHA.

7) What is your perfect k-drama plot?

I’m sick of watching repetitive plots just like,  the guy’s being rich and then there’s a poor girl, then the guy fall inlove with her but the girl doesn’t like him at first. Then as times go by, they would fall inlove, then the guy’s parents would intervene, and so the conflict start. And so on… But I can’t deny the fact that , I’d still love this kind of plot. HAHAHA. So a perfect kdrama plot? Nah , I can’t think right now. A;

8)What K-pop outfit from a music video you could see yourself wearing?

First, I don’t really stan Girl groups, I’m more into boy groups. I only like 2ne1, and yes their outfit is just soooo not girlish. SO that means, I’m not really into girly-ish outfits HAHAHA. I love wearing baggy shirts and long-sleeved clothes. XD . I had this one baggy shirt which there is actually a skull imprinted/sewed on it. And Yoseob from B2ST actually have it too! HAHAHAHA. And also the spike-y accessories too!. I have a spike-y headband like REN of NUEST! J Also I had GD’s Skeleton Hairclip which he worn at CRAYON’s MV!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

9.   Who was your first K-drama/K-Pop crush?

Crush? Can we change that term? Hihi,  actually don’t prefer “crush” to describe them. HAHAHA. For me, crush is just like a term for kids liking someone HAHAHA.

Ohkay let’s talk about the question.. For the Kdrama, it was actually Lee Min Ho. He had captured me with his charms while he was acting for BOF. His smiles lit me up. And also, he’s good in acting. Other reason why I like him is that because of Gu Jun Pyo’s character. TBH, I do really love bad guy’s role but then they actually have a good heart inside (AWWW HAHAHA).

For KPOP, Ohhhhh I need to admit it, my first bias was Choi Minho from SHINee. (yes yes, have you noticed they actually have the same name? HAHA And They have the same first letter on their first names? There’s also a curse no not a curse, on me that My bias would actually have those first letter on their names HAHAHA). Okay going back with Choi Minho, actually, SHINee was my first bias group. The reason why I like Minho, is of course because of his flaming charisma, who would deny that! . yes I admit, I like him because of his charisma, but that doesn’t end with it. He’s actually a rapper, and when I first listened to their song Ring Ding Dong, his voice was   actually the first I’ve heard, and I was really amazed with his raps. He’s good in acting too and also in sports! HAHAHAHA!!! He’s actually good in running and has won in Idol Star’s Olympics! :p

10) Have you ever been nominated for the Liebster Awards?

No, actually this is my first time being nominated for the Liebster Awards and I thank you —- airayuuki – for this!


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