Half sliced of Confusion, You want some?

It’s been almost 8 days since I was freed from series of quizzes, homeworks, termpapers and exams slapping my face. I know everyone’s getting excited for summer but I don’t know why I don’t feel the same, right now. I’d be missing school, perhaps, also my friends.
Having out-of-town trips, tanning yourself out in the beach, surfing the internet all night long, attending reunions, parties and other gatherings, and escaping from the ocean of school works, these define what SUMMER is, right? But I just can’t think of it, I’d be missing school, I’m serious.

It’s funny how I anticipated for this break when the semester doesn’t end yet, and when I got scared out with all those bunch of paperworks to do, and logged books to read. Uh-Oh, I don’t even understand what I am feeling right now.

I felt being left behind by my friends. Ah,I’m alone here. I wonder what my friends are up to. I wonder if they also get bored. I wonder if they want to get back to school. Ahh, I feel so alone, right now, at this moment. I want to go home , so badly. But I still need to fix essential stuff, I mean, haha, NVM. But, srsly, I really need to work on to this something, so that , I won’t be having regrets in the future.

But hey, don’t you feel the same? Were you starving and had no choice but to eat this spoiled half slice of confusion? I mean, do you have the same feeling just like when you were so excited on the enrolment days, yet few days later you wanted to have that summer break again but when summer comes you’re out of yourself and wanted to attend classes again?
Maybe I just want to keep myself busy. And maybe I’d miss that feeling of having a reinforcement or a reward after you had encountered successfully the busyness that school brings. Haha

Gahh, I’d be wasting this summer break again. I hate
it when I don’t have something to do. That feeling when you’re thinking that you’re just waiting your time, sleeping and eating, doing the same routine everyday?

This just makes me get tired of my life, uhhh.
Back on those school days, I have alot in my mind with things I wanted to do during this summer. But I guess, that excitement just suddenly vanished. AISH, can I just spit this out? Can I just spit out this half sliced of confusion I have swallowed inside me?


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