The sun had settled before my thoughts

The sun has settled before my thoughts. I waited for the sun to set before my thoughts are gone. I guess, I’ll have this reason not to forgive myself for not writing the specific feelings I had during a specific day. I regret for waiting the sun to set before my thoughts. I should’ve jotted those feelings down, before. Now, I can’t recall what was the true feeling I had on those specific days.
Maybe during those days, my hands were so tired to type down the feelings I bear inside me, and maybe that time, my brain was totally drained because of bunch of school works we were tasked to.
Uh oh, I promise, I won’t be doing that again. I hate myself for letting those feelings come to pass. I should’ve wrote those feelings down, Uh, that’s the only way on how I could keep those memories and retrieve them back in the future. Ah, I promise, this won’t happen again.
But I guess, I don’t have anything to get worries of. The sun will rise again, and in that time I will make sure that it won’t set before my thoughts have settled. 🙂


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