The blogger

Call her ELLE, that’s what she prefers.

You should be sending her gifts

When the calendar crosses right through the 28th day of December.

She’s the type of a person whom you cannot know well in a first glance.

It would be difficult for you to deal with her.

She’s not one of a kind like other gals. She may be snob. She’s not approachable.

It would be hard for people to talk to her and get close to her.

She loves being alone. It helps her clean up her mind and  ponder the realities in life..

She likes to take photographs of certain things with her phone camera. It’s like she needs to immortalize those things and people she had encountered. She wanted to keep memories of those places she went to. She likes to capture her emotions and thoughts through a click on a camera.

It’s funny how she FEARS OBLIVION yet she is OBLIVIOUS.

She is afraid of being forgotten. It disappoints her when those people whom she helped before would not remember her. She is oblivious too.  She could easily forget those people who added colours to her life. And it’s one of the reasons why she keeps a diary online.

She considers herself as an  INTROVERT and BIPOLAR, and that makes her UNPREDICTABLE.

She is a PROCRASTINATOR.  But she could easily finish tasks when she’s in rush.

She is a PERFECTIONIST. She always wants her tasks to be fully accomplished base on her desires.

She’s not scared of cockroaches, lizards, worms , frogs or spiders, but RATS look more creepy to her.

She could be SENSIBLE and SERIOUS, and that makes her MYSTERIOUS. (perhaps?)

She’s been hooked to complexion until she didn’t know that she became one.

She is a HARDCORE KPOP FAN, and she will always be PROUD OF BEING ONE.

She could also be RETARDED when she’s with her KPOP FRIENDS.

She’s been living with this fandom for about 7 years now.  (TBH it’s more or else 5 years but 2011 and 2012 were like two years for her.)

She is fascinated with PHOTOGRAPHY. There was this someone who made her aspire to love photography. He is an artist – a performer – guitarist – photographer—song-writer – a musician – – a “K” celebrity.  He’s also the reason why she tried to learn playing a guitar too. (a blind item? HAHAHA)

She could be loquacious sometimes but it depends on her mood, on people, on topic.

When she stays quiet, it means that something is bombarding her mind. (does this mean she is always bombarded? XD)

Oh enough for this description, you should be the one to  read

The chapters of the life of   this unknown being.

Her personality is something that you can’t fathom.

“I am lost yet I am chasing for my dreams.”


Wanna see my handwriting?:D


9 thoughts on “The blogger

    • Awwe thank you!! i like your blog too 🙂
      So you’re going to study in Korea right? OMO
      And the place you’ll be staying is just near to Popular Entertainments, isn’t it? OMOOOOOO A;

      • Haha, I already studied in Korea. This is just a two werks vacation before I graduate from law school next year. Yes, my friend and I will be visiting all the entertainment companies, but I picked my place because its two minutes from SM and very nice and cheap, too. Maybe see exo! Haha

      • Oh so you’re studying law!! OMO~ Teehee I bet you’d also see those SM rookies, omo and they’re so young A; … I wish you’d write a fan account about your adventures with fangirling! kekekeke. Sehun </3

      • Haha I will! I’m going to take a lot of pictures and write about everything. Fangirling, food, clubs… 🙂

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