“9 Signs You’re Really an Introvert”

I have read so many articles regarding introverts in tumblr. Oh not to mention, tumblr is a place, a space to be exact for introverted people like me. (haha ^^) . And I know a lot of people have so many misconceptions about our personality. They would think that we actually hate socializing with people. But they should’ve known atleast what really defines an introverted person.
So yesterday, my friend , Jano, linked me an article concerning about introverted persons. It is entitled : 9 signs You’re Really an Introvert. And again, for the nth time, I was able to read another article about introverts.
1. You enjoy having time to yourself. When you have the chance to take a break, you’d rather spend time reading, playing video games, or just listening to music. That quiet time is important to your sense of well-being even though there are plenty of times that you enjoy social get-togethers.
Yep, I prefer being alone.This is really true. I have been so happy going out with my friends but I prefer being alone. Perhaps, I’d grab a book to read, play video games (Yes, that would be an option to, but the least) or listen to music (haha! Yes yes, I do it most of the time).

2. Your best thinking occurs when you’re by yourself. You’re not opposed to group meetings or discussions, but if you want to come up with a creative solution, you need some time to work the problem out on your own. Having the opportunity to reflect quietly on a problem allows you to make the maximum use of your ability to engage in original thought, and to produce results about which you can feel proud.

Haha! This is so right. My best thinking occurs when I am all alone. To be honest, whenever I was about to take a nap, or just lying down on my bed while my eyes are closed, my mind would start to think so many creative ideas to work on. 🙂
3. You lead best when others are self-starters. Despite the belief that introverts are so quiet that they can’t step up to the plate and run things, under the right circumstances they can be the best leaders of all. If the group is ready to lead itself, then the introverted leader will draw the most potential out of them. It’s only when the group needs a spark provided by its head that introverts might be unable to provide the necessary guidance. Then you’ll need to partner with an extroverted yin to your yang.

Haha! This article really amazes me. Yep yep, this is very true. I really don’t want to act as a leader at first for they might think I’m bossy, which is really true. Hahaha . That’s why I avoid being one. And yes, if the group is ready to lead itself, I would come out from my nutshell and use my potential to work with them. Also, ofcourse I need the help of the extroverted one! Haha!
4. You’re the last to raise your hand when someone asks for something from a group. As you might remember from your elementary school days, there were some fellow students whose hands shot straight up into the air when the teacher asked a question or needed someone to volunteer. Extraverts tend to be ready and eager to stand out in any academic or social situation. You are probably more of an introvert than an extravert if you are content to sit back and let others take center stage. It’s not that introverts know less than others; they just don’t feel a particular need to be in that limelight.

Uhhh. I can’t contain my feels now. This article is really … ❤ ❤ . A BIG YES for this! Hahaha. Seriously, since elementary school days, I have become like that. Yes, really. I am contented sitting there when the teacher asks a question. It’s like I prefer watching the show than participating on it. Haha. I want others to atleast bring out their selves! And yeah, I don’t really feel that I need to be in that so called limelight.
I remember when our instructor asked us about something and he said that he would give points in exam when anyone could answer it. And OH, PLUS POINTS IN EXAM! Haha, who would not like it? But, I just sat there, waiting for anyone to respond to his question. Well, I am not really desperate for gaining a high grade or what. It’s just that, I think others need that additional point than me. I mean, there were so many of them who failed the exams. So why not give that chance to them? Unless, you are that so desperate to gain that point even if you knew yourself that you don’t actually need it. Why bother stealing that single limelight when you actually have plenty and bigger ones? Hahaha 🙂

5. Other people ask you your opinion. Just as introverts are less likely to volunteer in public situations, they are also less likely to volunteer opinions or advice in less public settings. Whether it’s a family discussion around the kitchen table or a staff meeting to decide how to market new products, people high in introversion will keep their views to themselves and let the noisy extraverts take control. Because of this, and because your advice may indeed be highly valued, it’s likely that if you’re constantly being asked “What do you think?” it might suggest that your behavior sends cues to others of your inner desire to focus your attention and thoughts inward.

Hahaha, does this define what a lazy person is? NO. or more likely YES? Haha IDK, but I don’t volunteer to certain situations for I think there are people who have more capability than me. “Because of this, and because your advice may indeed be highly valued” Wait, Huh? My advice may be indeed highly valued? Hahaha, IDK IDK. Perhaps? Yeah, I just let extraverts to take out their control and keep them talking and talking. Hahaha . But I actually have made up ideas in mind, but won’t share it unless I am asked to. Hihi ^^

6. You often wear headphones when you’re in a public situation. Whether it’s making your way through a crowded bus station or just navigating a crowded street, if you’re an introvert you most likely don’t seek a great deal of contact with others. In decades past, if you wanted to avoid interacting with strangers, you would keep your head down and look straight in front of you. Now you have the added protection of being able to hide behind the protection of your headphones (though no one has to know whether there’s actually music coming through them or not).

Ohhh, I haven’t done this. Hahaha, but I would love to! I would really love to! Yeah, I’m serious! I really don’t like interacting to strangers. It would just scare me unless I need help. Hahaha. Uhhh, I should doing this thing. kkkk

7. You prefer not to engage with people who seem angry or upset. You’re likely to try to avoid people who seem like they might be in a bad mood, if not outright furious at something or someone. According to research by University College London psychologist Marta Ponari and collaborators, people high in introversion fail to show what’s called the “gaze-cuing effect.” Normally, if you were to see the image of a person’s face on a computer screen looking in a certain direction, you would follow that person’s gaze and therefore respond more quickly to a visual target on that side of the screen than when the person’s gaze and the target are pointed in opposite directions. Introverts show this effect just as extraverts do, but if the person’s face seems angry, they don’t show the gaze-cuing effect. This suggests that people high in introversion don’t want to look at someone who seems mad. Ponari and her team believe that this is because they are more sensitive to potentially negative evaluations. If you think a person is angry because of something to do with you, his or her gaze becomes a threat.

Hahaha! HepHap! This is just so true bb! I don’t like their anger to embarrass me or what. Haha. And I don’t want to involve myself into that situation. Eeeeee A;
8. You receive more calls, texts, and emails than you make, unless you have no choice. All other things being equal, people high in introversion don’t reach out voluntarily to their social circles. If they have a few minutes to spare, they won’t initiate a call just to pass the time by socializing. Similarly, they don’t generate emails and other written correspondence but instead react to the communications they receive from others. It’s quite likely that if you’re a true introvert you would avoid jobs in which you have to engage in such outreach, such as becoming a telemarketing representative. If you have no choice but to initiate communications, such as when you invite people to a social event, you will be less likely to pick up the phone and make a call and more likely to send your request through cyberspace or the post office. This may relate to the desire not to be evaluated. By calling people, you risk being told “no” in person, which you may find demoralizing. When the request happens asynchronously (that is, not in real time), you may get the same turn-down but in a way that may allow you to save face, if not self-esteem.
Yes! Hahaha, okay, I received multiple group messages from my friends but only give them messages often unless it’s needed. Haha

9. You don’t initiate small talk with salespeople or others with whom you have casual contact. It’s nearly impossible for you to imagine yourself being like that the garrulous individual in front of you in line at the supermarket who chats with everyone about the weather. If you’re late or stressed, you don’t “leak” this information out to the people around you but instead just think it quietly to yourself as you mull over your plight. You may feel that it’s no one’s business but your own, or you may prefer to come out of your bad mood through your own personal stress-busting strategies. Either way, people don’t really know how you’re feeling or thinking at any given moment, unless you feel close enough to them to share these private reflections.

Ahhh, this is just so right. Yeah, I don’t like talking to people what I am feeling. I mean, come on, they’re strangers, why would I bother talking to them about the weather or anything that’s not really important. Would they be interested to it? Hahaha. Oh yes, I have my own stress-busting strategies and I am able to use them. Hihi. Yes Yes, they really don’t know what I am feeling or thinking. They would really have a hard time predicting on what I have within myself, unless I will share it to them. Hahaha

Ahh, I want to thank my friend for linking this to me and also the author of this article. Now, I don’t feel I am not alone. Haha. Aaaaaand I was able to feel that someone understands us, introverts. This article just amazed me. Seriously, I wowed ‘till the last sign. Hahaha. So you people, perhaps, you now have cleared your mind about your misconceptions about us. Hahaha :))


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